6 January 2017 – Throwback Friday

I am a day late for Throwback Thursday, but I wanted to share one of my old poems.

This was written when I was about nineteen-twenty years old. It’s an interesting poem to look back on, as it seems to hint on the depression I was already starting to face at that age without really knowing it. Anyway, it’s titled Shine All You Can

Don’t be the one in the silhouette
As the sun starts to set.
Details ‘aint guessed
When staring at profiles
Faded and dim.
What used to sing, they’ll fade to nothing
You gotta be brighter than them.

Keep a shine that can dazzle
Entrance and dismantle
The ideals of any mannered man
Be the star that shines through the twilight sun
The first the children all wish upon
Be what they all wish to be.

Don’t glister with restraint
Or the loss will gleam in tears
Glimmers of love and heartbreak as frail as gossamer
Just to be brushed away.
Glister with the hope in every corner
That the dark cannot touch.

A disease that plagues the dynamic
An obstacle too great for the mediocre to climb
Impeding their shine
Leaving them bowed
Like a mask, hiding a cunning smile.
Are you a star, or a cloud?

Be the moon ever present
Nothing subtle, iridescent
Blind them and they’ll forget who you were
Be the world over
Don’t be a supporter
And follow your leader
Stand in your spotlight
Your time’s right
You deserve it.
Now Shine.

(Sarah Kelly)


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